Parliament Elections 2016: Do Candidates Care About Family Diversity?

Before elections most of political parties leaders hurry to support idea of Partnership legislation not only for different sex couples, but for same sex couples too. But in today’s article “Elections 2016: Most of the Leaders – For Homosexual Partnerships” situation looks much worse.

Some leaders of political parties not even trying to deny that they attitude towards content of the family is very conservative. For example the leader of election candidates from Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania – Christian Family Alliance R.Tamašunienė says, that “People who chose different lifestyle form, cohabiting form, also has to take responsibility and feel what kind of consequences there might be. Also it open doors for totally unnecessary thing like same sex partnership. We are against it, we can not allow ourselves to further reduce population count, so it is needed to support the traditional beautiful family and to direct all of our politics and state’s attention to family strengthening.”

Read more of the opinions in Lithuanian article.