Museum preserves memorial to Orlando victims

A museum in Florida is to preserve a memorial laid for the 49 victims of the Orlando massacre.

The Orange County Regional History Centre has collected around 3.500 items left outside Pulse nightclub since the atrocity in June.

The items, that were left in tribute, included stuffed animals, personalised notes and drawings.

The centre is also to take a bathroom door, riddled with bullet holes, as part of its display.

Curator Pam Schwartz said the tragedy was a “historical event”.

Michael Perkins, who manages the museum, added that it was still too early to say what they will do with the items, though it was possible it may form part of a planned exhibition on the LGBT community in the city.

Mr Perkins also said the museum wanted to preserve the memory of the victims for “generations”.

The attack in Orlando, which saw 49 people killed in Pulse nightclub by shooter Omar Mateen, is one of the worst mass shootings in United States’ history.

Recently, a number of hospitals that treated victims of the attack announced they won’t be charging them.