Spanish LGBTI group takes stand against gay cure therapy

Spanish LGBTI group, Acrópoli has filed charges against therapist who claims to cure homosexuality.

The LGBTI group filed the complaint against psychotherapist Elena Lorenzo Rego under the new anti-homophobia laws introduced earlier this month in Madrid.

Yago Blando from Acrópoli said: ‘This self-appointed therapist offers to help people who are unhappy being homosexual to change.’

“She uses unverifiable testimony from people who have supposedly undergone her treatment, which is fraud.’

The statement refers to comments used as publicity on the therapist’s website.

According to a post by local media the website offers testimonies of former patients who are now living the life they always wanted ‘without any deep insecurities’.

One patient even claims to have slept with more than 200 men before starting therapy and that he is now cured and ‘happily married with a daughter’.

In a 2014 interview with Portaluz, Lorenzo insisted that homosexuality wasn’t a disease and that she did not treat people because of any moral or religious reasons. She said she only wanted to help those who want to ‘recover’ from same-sex attraction.

She went on to explain that she thinks everyone is born heterosexual and that same-sex attraction develops later.

‘Heterosexuality is already in each individual, you just have to find it inside. Change therapy is the means to discovering it,’ she said.

Arcópoli said: ‘Therapies that claim to “heal homosexuality” are false and unscientific and only serve to play with the insecurities of people that suffer not because of their homosexuality but because of the homophobia that exists in society.’

Spain is seen as one of the most open and gay-friendly countries in the world. In 2005 Spain legalized gay marriage as well as adoption and there are laws in place for the protection of LGBTI citizens.