TRACE publications: Norms at work

TRACE publications: Norms at work
NORMS AT WORK: challenging homophobia and heteronormativity
This book is one of two books produced by a collaborative project involving both researches and activists. The book Open Up Your Workplace presents tools that can be used by those who want to work against discrimination in the workplace. Norms at Work is a research report that provides deeper knowledge about the heterosexual norm, and is a supplement to Open Up Your Workplace.
We believe that it is important to recognise that there is no definite boundary between research and activism. Research about discriminatory norms is a form of activism, just as activism against discrimination produces new knowledge.
The authors of this book have been active in two different research projects. Jolanta Reingardė worked in the project Open and Safe at, which was funded by the European Union. Lena Martinsson, Eva Reimers, and Anna Sofia Lundgren worked in the project The Self-Evident Heterosexuality: School as a Place for Constructions of Gender and Sexuality, which was funded by the Swedish Research Council and the Equal project Beneath the Surface.
These projects were both part of the 2005-2007 TRACE partnership, which was created and funded under the EU Equal program, a program aimed at combating discrimination in the workplace. The project involves four countries: France, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Sweden. Their common interest is to abolish discrimination and the inequality of homosexual and bisexual people in area of empolyment, and to enable lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender people to work under the same circumstances as their heterosexual colleagues.
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