New app sends pro-LGBTI message to homophobic Russian laws

A new app aims to allow pro-LGBTI Russians to take a stand against homophobia, without breaking propaganda laws.

The app called Raduga (Russian for ‘rainbow’) predicts when and where rainbows are going to appear.

‘Raduga uses live weather data to predict the formation of rainbows, and sends a you an alert when rainbows are likely to appear in your neighbourhood,’ the app description states.

‘Introduced as a reaction to the ban on displaying the rainbow in public space in Russia, Raduga enables the masses to spot and capture rainbows everywhere,’ it continues.

The app encourages users to upload and share your own photos of rainbows ‘to show that rainbows are here to stay.’

Developed by Dutch company, Pink Pony Express, the app was financed through a crowd funding campaign that raised € 27,460.

When users log into the app, they see a slowly-turning globe with a list of places where potential rainbows are.

Swipe right and you’ll see a gallery of every rainbow picture any user has taken, with time stamps and locations attached.

The app also outlines how to spot a rainbow, including where to face when the sun is shining, how big the droplets of rain should be and what time of the day rainbows are most prevalent.