Youth exchange „Share Your Colors“ is coming!

During May 9-10th days there was an Advanced Planning Visit (abbr. APV) for a youth exchange called „Share Your Colors“. People from Greece, the Netherlands, Italy, Bulgaria, Check Republic, Macedonia, Latvia and Lithuania gathered to Ommen, a town in the east of Netherlands, to establish a group of leaders who will be responsible for smooth running of the upcoming exchange. During the APV we were briefed on the objectives, tools and program of the upcoming exchange, and created an easy but productive and imagination-stimulating atmosphere.

During only two days of time we also managed to work on a number of skills: we filmed, photographed, practiced self-presentation and public speaking, giving and receiving constructive feedback, reviewed the situation of LGBTQIA+ topic in the media of each country. The weather and the moods were sunny, active and colorful.

And this is just the beginning! The Exchange itself is going to happen in July 5-14th (excluding traveling days) and Olde Vechte Foundation invites You to join! „Share Your Colors“ main goal is to combat hate-speech and promote social inclusion of young LGBTQIA+ people using media. Let’s work on our media muscles, let us not only „like*“ and „share*“ existing material, but also create and „post*“ something of our own! You can find more information about the project here.

* – Connotation to the social network site “facebook”

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