Lithuanians dislike adultery, homosexuality, cloning and casinos

The opinion of Lithuanians on adultery, homosexuality, human cloning, forms of gambling, and the production of genetically modified organisms for foodstuffs is particularly negative. This emerged after “Baltijos tyrimai” carried out a survey involving more than a thousand people.
The results of the survey show that the most unacceptable things to Lithuanians are adultery in marriage (83.3%), homosexual relationships (82.73%), human cloning (77.6%), gambling for money (76.1%), gambling games (75.3%), use of genetically modified organisms for the production of foodstuffs (74.5%), the lottery (72.3%) and cremation of human remains (62.1 %).
Adultery is entirely unobjectionable to 10% of men and 6% of women. Divorce is absolutely unacceptable to 10.1% of men and 15.4% of women.
Half of those surveyed objected to abortion, divorce, and illegitimate children. Medical researches with human stem cells are not acceptable to 44.3% of respondents, whereas 43.7% of survey participants did not approve of euthanasia. However, 43% of people believe that doctor-assisted suicide should be legalized.
The nationals named drug addiction (46.7%) and alcoholism (40.1%) as the most acute problems. Very few were concerned about an unhealthy attraction to play in casinos (2.1%), smoking (1.4%), and dependence on computer games (1.1%).
The survey was carried out at the request of the National Association of Gambling and Gaming Business, and plans are to use the information in a book about problems pertaining to state regulation of the gambling industry and the social consequences of this business.