Lithuanian MEP also ‘outraged’ by ILGA-Europe’s photo exhibition on family diversity at European Parliament

Šarūnas Birutis, a member of European Parliament from Lithuania, outraged by photographs of gays at the European Parliament. He states that sexual minorities conduct ‘aggressive policy’. “Sexual minorities lobbyists are particularly actively working at the European Parliament with an aim of legalising child adoption by same-sex couples” a statement distributed by the Euro parliamentarian’s office says.

Exhibiting images of gay couples with a title “Different families, same love” is one of the expressions of such activities thinks Šarūnas Birutis.

“Modern pluralistic society can respect individual choice, opportunity to live as one likes, however it cannot be acceptable to equalize cohabitation of sexual minorities to normal families and moreover – to legislise child adoption by such couples. As the posters were exhibited even at the European Parliament, one can conclude that an aggressive lobbying campaign has begun, more aggressive compared to the one 4-5 years ago” states Šarūnas Birutis.

Lithuanian Euro parliamentarian is convinced that “sexual minorities cannot be banned from expressing their convictions, but that has to be done in a civilized manner”.

“Let’s hope that the majority of parliamentarians and general public will be prevented from being bullied into changing their opinion in a vulgar manner” says Šarūnas Birutis’ statement.

Šarūnas Birutisreminds that previously there were already unsuccessful attempts at European Parliament to grant unconventional couples right to adopt.

Šarūnas Birutis belongs to a Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe [JL]

Article from Lithuanian news portal
translation into English by Juris Lavrikovs