The pansexual rapper Angel Haze in concert in Vilnius

Yesterday a leg of the promotional tour of Back To The Woods took place in a location in Kauno g. At 22:00 the exhibition of the agender and pansexual artist started and Angel Haze and their brilliant producer, TK Kayembe, their “brother”, let the young Lithuanians fall into the beat and free in the dance.

Before singing their song Detox, they asked for a volunteer to go onto the stage, choosing a local girl. While performing the melancholic love song, they spoke out the feelings of those lyrics by hugging and touching their guest, after giving her a flower.

Mainly known for their single Echelon (It’s My Way) and their collaboration with Sia in Battle Cry, Raykeea Roes Wilson -their real name- is part of the LGBT* community and this exhibition obviously reminded it.


Poster: Kultūros baras Kablys

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