Game nights at LGL!

In the evening of the February 4th, the  first games evening in 2016 took place at LGL’s community center.
The participants split up into smaller groups to play their favored game – starting from the well-known “Monopoly” to the rather unknown “Dixit.”
During this meeting the participants did not only play and chat while having a cup of coffee or tea, they also did not avoid discussions about hot topics, shared their experiences and good mood with others.
If you are intrigued do not forget that the doors of LGL are open to everyone! We welcome you to follow our events on Facebook or to regulary take a look at LGL’s event calendar and to join us for the upcoming events.
See you soon!
Pictures: Yuri Michelietti


erasmus_logoLGL is carrying out the 10 months project ‘Volunteering for Visibility and Inclusion’ under the Erasmus+ programme EVS (European Voluntary Service).