Tightening the gender loop in Lithuania?

LGL press review 02 04 2009
From the official today press release of the Ministry of Social Affairs of Lithuania:
Minister of social affairs and employment Rimantas Jonas Dagys has issued an order to the specialists to review all gender equality programmes which are implemented in the ministry of social affairs and employment.
R.J.Dagys has no doubt that methodology of  „Gender Loops“ project which promotes  asexuality and non-traditional sexual orientation for minors contradicts to  fundamental article of the Constitution, which states that family is a foundation of the society and the state (…)
„ I have ordered to check all programmes to find out if there are any other breaches of the similar character“, – said  R.J.Dagys. „ Institutions supervising the Constitution should take measures on their own to block the road for the projects like „Gender Loops“.
 „Implementation of such secretive programmes is harmful to the principle of gender equality in Lithuania“– pointed out R.J.Dagys (…)
Alongside minister has asked to find out if psychologists supportive of „Gender Loops“ methodology are providing services to the institutions under supervision of the ministry.
From ministers’ interview for the press:
“Gender Loops” methodology was not disseminated thanks to parents’ vigilance. Therefore now we have to take every measure of carefulness. Even in good programmes there might be hidden propaganda of homosexuality“– pointed out R.Dagys.