LGL invited to the Launch of #TRANS_LT Videos and Exhibition “TRANZ”

On the 8th December, 2015 the National LGBT Rights Organization LGL, in cooperation with the movie director Romas Zabarauskas, artists ARCANA FEMINA photography and Shaltmira and the art space 5 MALŪNAI invited to an unique event “#TRANS_LT: Launch of Videos and Exhibition “TRANZ”.

In the course of the evening the first social videos with the view of raising awareness about TRANS* specific issues were launched. The videos feature the real members of the Lithuanian TRANS* community, sharing their experiences on the impact that non-existent procedure of legal gender recognition has on their daily lives. The videos seek to encourage everyone to sign an online petition with the view of effectively ensuring human rights for transgender people. The protagonists of the video Oskaras, Zhenia and Jūratukas transcended the screen and became our guests for the nights. The artists Arcana Femina and Shaltmira presented their joint project – the art exhibition “TRANZ”, were the elements of their previous projects “#TransAwesome“ ir “By the Way“ are intertwined with the view of producing new powerful message.

The guests of the night were greeted by the scandalous Okeanide. “LGBT* lives are related not only to deficits,“ – said Okeanide. „We are stronger than all the bigots, because we know how to laugh even at times, when you only want to cry.” Because the occasion was really special, the guests of the night were treated with a glass of wine as well.