Association LGL Launches Informational Brochure on Domestic Violence for LBT* Women

What are the main causes and consequences of domestic violence? Is this problem relevant not only for the different-sex couples, but also for the same-sex couples? Where to seek for help, when encountering this negative phenomenon? Is the legal regulations, aiming at preventing domestic violence in Lithuania, is fully applicable to the LBT* women?

According to various sources, more than 90 % of the victims of domestic violence identify as female. It is obvious that prevention of this negative phenomenon, violating human dignity, is also relevant within the framework of romantic relationships among LBT* women. The National LGBT* Rights Organization LGL proudly launches the first informational brochure on domestic violence in Lithuania, exclusively targeting LBT* women.

The publication provides for a definition of domestic violence, a glossary of terms, useful information on available legal remedies with the view of protecting one’s interest in the occasion of domestic violence. It also provides for the review of Lithuanian and European legal frameworks with the view of combating domestic violence and useful contacts for psychological, social, emotional and legal assistance. We hope that this publication will answer your questions!

„Meilė nėra prievarta. Informacinė brošiūra apie smurtą artimoje aplinkoje lesbiečių, biseksualių ir translyčių moterų atžvilgiu“, 2015

This publication is part of the activities carried out within the project “Bleeding Love”. The project “Bleeding Love: Raising Awareness on Domestic and Dating Violence Against Lesbians and Transwomen in the European Union”, funded by the European Commission within the specific program “Daphne 2007-2013”. It aims at countering domestic and dating violence against lesbian, bisexual and transgender women (LBT* in acronym). The project involves several European Union member states (i.e. Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania, Portugal, United Kingdom, Hungary) and wishes to explore the causes of this violence, the characteristics of the perpetrators of the violence, the ways in which it occurs and, with the help of an awareness raising campaign, wishes to make lesbian, bisexual and transgender women become more aware and to help them recognize and prevent violence. More information on the project’s activities is available at

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2mIhAJ--SQaXA_Cq-IPVT2fXxh7yg9LyvTxUVMeRJFwThe project is supported by the DAPHNE programme of the European Commission:

BCflw9iLa-FXFkNb2G1lkaMBBlRmytkVIc9eOOSbKLYThe printing of the publication was partially funded by the Representation of the Government of Flanders in Lithuania: