Sweden’s army launches new Pride campaign: ‘Some things should not be camouflaged’

‘Some things you should not need to camouflage’

The Swedish Armed Forces have launched a new Pride campaign, calling on all service members to be free to serve openly.

With new posters being put up across the country, it shows a woman in uniform against a camouflage background.

But there is one thing that stands out, the rainbow proudly badged on her arm.

The line reads: ‘Some things you should not have to camouflage’.

At the bottom, the Swedish Armed Forces explain that equality is an ‘essential ingredient of democracy’.

‘In the armed forces, we treat each other  with respect and see other people’s differences as a strength,’ the advert adds. ‘We are an inclusive organization where everyone serving andcontributing will feel welcomed and respected.’

Sweden is one of the very few countries worldwide to allow LGBTI people to serve openly in the military. They first allowed gay and lesbian people to serve openly in 1976.

Robert Forss, who runs the marketing for the Armed Forces, said: ‘This should not be seen as controversial or challenging social norms. This should be seen as a completely natural part of our communication with the public.’

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