Lithuanian Parliament Appoints Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson

The Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania has appointed Deputy Culture Minister Agneta Lobačevskytė as the head of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsman’s Office of the Republic of Lithuania. The candidate was proposed by the Speaker of the Lithuanian Parliament Loreta Graužinienė.

During a secret vote on the 18th of June, 2015 Mrs. Lobačevskytė was supported by 61 MPs, 32 MPs voted against with 12 abstentions. As regards the candidate, members of the Lithuanian Parliament were divided into two camps. Some MPs indicated that the candidate was a young, promising and career woman, while others claimed she lacked experience and authority.

Parliament has also appointed Edita Žiobienė for her second term of office as Ombudsperson for Children’s Rights. During a secret vote on the 18th of June, 2015, Mrs. Žiobienė was supported by 86 MPs, 16 MPs were against with four abstentions.