On 9th May, 2017 the National LGBT* rights organization LGL, together with Vilnius Univerity’s Institute of International Relations and Political Science, and Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen, member of the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania, invited to a discussion on Partnership Law in Lithuania. The institute of partnership is important not only to same-sex couples, but also


The Rainbow Bus: Protest next to the Embassy of the Russian Federation

In order to draw the attention to the persecution and serious human rights violations against LGBT* people in Chechnya (Russian Federation), the National LGBT* rights organization LGL is organizing a protest next to the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Vilnius (Lithuania). To demonstrate solidarity with homosexual persons who were terrorized by the Chechen leader

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On May 9, the Rainbow Days 2017 billboard campaign has been displayed in the public places of Vilnius, capital of Lithuania. The campaign is organized by the National LGBT* rights organization LGL, in attempt to draw attention to discrimination against LGBT* people and encourage LGBT* people to speak up when faced with discrimination. Posters with


South Korea ‘Witch-Hunt’ for Gay Soldiers Must End, Campaigners Say

Campaigners are calling on a witch-hunt for gay soldiers to end immediately. According to campaign group the Military Human Rights Center for Korea (MHRCK), General Jang Jun-kyu, army chief of staff in South Korea launched a “track-down process” to find and out suspected gay personnel. This included setting up fake profiles on dating apps to


Chechnya Police: Kill Your Gay Children Before We Kill Them in Torture Camps

Chechnya’s police force has issued a chilling warning to the parents of gay men. According to a survivor’s account, the authorities have instructed parents in the region to murder their gay children for “honour”. Police are threatening parents with the line: “Either you do it, or we will,” one man who survived the brutality has


Donald Trump ditched explicit anti-LGBT language from a ‘religious freedom’ executive order he signed today – but campaigners say it’s still setting up an attack on equality. Reports emerged earlier this week that the White House was preparing for the signing of an executive order that would address religious ‘objections’ to LGBT people. An early draft of the order had leaked from


Mariela Castro: Father is ‘Supportive’ of Pro-LGBT Efforts

The daughter of Cuban President Raúl Castro says her father supports her efforts to spearhead LGBT-specific issues in the country. “He understands,” Mariela Castro told Hatzel Vela, a Havana-based reporter for the South Florida television station WPLG. “He is supportive.” Mariela Castro, who is director of Cuba’s National Center for Sexual Education that is known


20 Years Ago the Last Australian State Decriminalized Homosexuality

‘The sky didn’t fall in then and it won’t now’ The activists who led the push to decriminalize homosexuality in Tasmania say Australia can learn a lot from their campaign. Tasmania was the last state to decriminalize homosexuality 20 years ago today. Rodney Croome led the push to end the criminalization of gay sex and


A claim has been made that former US President Barack Obama asked the former President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan to delay an anti-gay bill. The claim was made by former Senate President David Mark, who said that Obama had asked Jonathan to delay the bill because of the US Presidential election. He had apparently asked


India Might Introduce Job and Education Quotas for Trans People

In order to help trans people in India a special committee has recommended education and employment quotas be introduced. The Indian government might consider creating quotas for trans people in the public service. A recommendation from a parliamentary panel reviewing a Transgender Bill was that the federal government should create the quotas. A reason the panel


LGL Invites to Eurovision Party FEAT. LaDiva Live & Okeanide

Mark 13th May, 2017 on your calendar in red: we will have a double celebration! Organized by LGL, the Eurovision party will start on 13th May, 2017 at 09:00 P.M. in the jazz bar Paviljonas and will definitely be a shining jewel of the “Rainbow Days” 2017. It is going to be better than Christmas,


Teacher in Lithuanian School Claims That Gays Are Cannibals

On April 26th, 2017 a student of Žemaitė Gymnasium in Telšiai (Lithuania) published photos from religion class on “Facebook“ that caused an uproar on the social media. The photos display slides shown for tenth grad students as a part of religious education class. The slides contain information indicating that homosexual persons are “murderers and cannibals,