Ambassador gave a speech at a press conference on the “Rainbow days 2007”

Mr Speaker, Members of Seimas, distinguished members of the Lithuanian Gay League, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, Thank you for inviting me to this important press conference. I am very honoured and very moved. I have been asked to speak about the Swedish experience regarding lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights. But as this press

TRACE publications: “Open up your workplace”

OPEN UP YOUR WORKPLACE: challenging homophobia and heteronormativity “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights”. Those are the first words in the first article of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Even though it was adopted in 1948, there are still significantly large groups of people who have

European Commission now knows what’s like to be gay

West Midlands MEP Michael Cashman has said that the decision of the mayor of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius to ban the visit of a bus promoting the EU’s “For Diversity; against discrimination” campaign should give Brussels bureaucrats some insight into LGBT experiences. The diversity roadshow has been touring Europe. It is visiting 21 countries and

Michael Cashman, President of the EP Intergroup on Gay and Lesbian Rights, highlighted that now the European Commission had become a victim, “The Commission experiences at first hand what it’s like to be gay, or lesbian, or bisexual, or transgender. The Commission now feels the force of homophobia. The Government of Lithuania must act and

The European Commission condemns Imbrasas’ position on gays

Rainbow Days 2007, an event planned by homosexuals for this week in Vilnius, will not take place. The truck of the anti-discrimination campaign, which is touring Europe, will bypass the capital of Lithuania and a huge rainbow flag will not be displayed here either. Amid fears of potential unrest the government of the capital refused

Gay rainbow arouses passion

The windows of the trolleybus in Kaunas with gay and lesbian sexual advertising were broken and the trolleybus in Vilnius unexpectedly broke down and did not leave the garage. The forthcoming events organized by the fighters for sexual minority rights in Vilnius may end in failure. Even the majority of the MPs do not support

An increased propagation of homosexual relations and the specific way of life of persons of such orientation was discussed at the meeting. In its documents, the Church has underlined time and again that those who are sexually attracted to people of the same sex should be respected and the Church has spoken out against their

The Mayor of Vilnius also joins the homophobic attacks

Trolleybus No. 12, which had to advertise the rights of gays and lesbians in Vilnius, will not be in service today. Last night it was reported that it “had broken down”. In a similar way, the desire of gay people to see public transportation plastered with rainbow colours did not materialize last week in Kaunas

A trolleybus arouses passion

The social advertisement promoting respect for homosexual rights placed on Kaunas trolleybus No. 1 aroused passion yesterday. The Lithuanian Gay League, which had ordered this advertisement, was informed that drivers refused to drive the trolleybus with such posters and the management of the trolleybus fleet required guarantees that they would be paid compensation for smashed windows.

Rainbow days 2007

During the week 16-26 of May the event called “Rainbow days 2007” will be held for the first time in Lithuania. The “Rainbow days 2007” are dedicated to highlight the importance of equality of homosexual, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons, this week is also a significant part of events held under the Year Of Equal

29 March 2006 We believe that the decision by the Equal Opportunities Ombudswoman sets a precedent which allows people of homosexual orientation to demand that cultural, educational and other institutions ensure conditions to advertise their lifestyle to minors and persecute those who refuse to consider and call this lifestyle “family”. It is very important that

Groundbreaking international legal principles on sexual orientation, gender identity, and international law chart a way forward for both the United Nations and governments to ensure the universal reach of human rights protections. The Yogyakarta Principles on the Application of International Human Rights Law in Relation to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity were released by a group