Lithuanian Bishops’ Conference: Family Should Be Associated with Marriage

On November 25th, 2015 the Committee on Legal Affairs of the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania held a hearing on a proposal to amend the Article 38 of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, which states that “family emanates from a marriage between a man and a woman”. The participants of the hearing,

Flying High: Baltic Pride 2016 meeting with Estonian and Latvian Partners

In September, 2015 the representatives of the partner organizations met to discuss the upcoming Baltic Pride 2016 in Vilnius. The topics included Pride Voices, International Human Rights Conference, Pride March, Pride Park and Pride House. Security, fundraising, political and legal situation, official slogan and preliminary program – within only two days the whole Pride Week

LGL‘s social videos feature experiences of Lithuanian transgender persons

In November, 2015 the national LGBT* rights organization LGL filmed 2 social videos for its social campaign „#TRANS_LT“, aiming to increase visibility of transgender persons in Lithuania. The social videos, filmed by a creative team of LGL and local movie director Romas Zabarauskas, feature the members of the local trans* community sharing the challenges they

OSCE representatives and hate crime victims visited LGBT* centre

On November 7, 2015 the OSCE representatives together with the hate crime victims gathered in the LGBT* community center. During the meeting, members of the local LGBT* community shared their painful experiences and thus enabled the ESBO officers to comprehend real discriminatory cases in Lithuania. In the meantime, the OSCE will organize trainings for the

Open letter to Lithuanian Parliament: Reject bill targeting LGBTI people

The Parliament of Lithuania will vote tomorrow on a bill that seeks to introduce fines for any public denigration of “constitutional family values.”   According to the proposal, actions as carrying out public speeches, demonstrating goods, posters, slogans and audio-visual materials, as well as organizing public events such as Baltic Pride would result in an

LGL’s Executive Director Elected to the ILGA-Europe Executive Board

On the 31st October, 2015 Vladimir Simonko, co-founder and Executive Director of the Lithuanian National LGBT* rights organization LGL, was elected to the ILGA-Europe Executive Board for the period of 2016-2017 during the elections by the Annual Conference, held on October 28th – 31st, 2015 in Athens (Greece). “I am sure that active participation in

Support Vladimir Simonko for the ILGA-Europe Executive Board

Vladimir Simonko, co-founder and Executive Director of the Lithuanian National LGBT* rights organization LGL, announced his bid for the candidacy to the ILGA-Europe Executive Board for the period of 2016-2017 during the elections by the Annual Conference, taking place on October 28th – 31st, 2015 in Athens (Greece). “Active participation in the ILGA-Europe Executive Board

Baltic Pride 2016 March for Equality Will Take Place on the Central Avenue

The National LGBT* Rights Organization LGL congratulates the decision by the Vilnius City Municipality Administration of October 21st, 2015 to facilitate the Baltic Pride 2016 March for Equality on the central avenue in the downtown of Vilnius. The event will take place on June 18th, 2016 (Saturday) on the Gediminas Avenue. The march will culminate

Intercultural meeting for EVS volunteers

My on-arrival training took place in the scenery of the Bebrusu Castle. In this amazing location, me, Yuri, and 16 other volunteers from all over the continent joined the training, part of the Erasmus+ program EVS. With a schedule full of different activities, we explored ourselves and took a look at our future months in

Report: Workshop on Intersex at LGL

“What is Intersex?” This is the question the workshop of the 17th of September began with. Through Annemarie and Elena, the LGL dealt with the most hidden letter of the LGBTI* community: the “I”. After a quick introduction of everyone the group delved into the evening‘s topic: “Myths and Facts” about intersex people. For a

NEDF organized an international seminar on human rights principles and religious values

In order to seek for a constructive dialogue between LGBT* people and religious communities, the member organizations of the National Equality and Diversity Forum (NEDF), including the national LGBT* rights organization LGL, in collaboration with European Network on Religion and Belief organized an international seminar-discussion “Religion, traditional values and human rights” on the 11th of

EVS Volunteer at EuroPride: My Experience

From the 15th to the 21st of June, EuroPride historically took place in Riga. I am speaking of history due to the unique and singular characterization of the event: EuroPride took place in a post-Soviet country for the first time. This marked a break in the wall, which was done in a peaceful and colorful