Open Call – Arts for Rainbow Days Exhibition

Are you an established artist? An aspiring one? Would you like to see your works exhibited and raising funds for an LGBT* cause? Then you are the one LGL is searching for! LGL is planning to host a wonderful exhibition of artworks on the 14th of May 2015 as part of our Rainbow Days festivities

The importance of supporting LGBT* civil rights organizations

In light of the persistent deterioration of LGBT* civil rights in Lithuania, many opinions and ideas surface to speculate upon the matter. Why does it seem like things are moving backwards instead of forwards? Which governmental institutions and practices help or hinder civil rights? Human Rights activists face tough challenges in Lithuania: parliamentary and media


Are you a young activist wanting to change the world? Would you like to work in a multicultural team of passionate and creative people fighting for human rights? Do you want to dive into the unknown for a period of 10 months and make awesome new friends? Do you want to get to know yourself

National LGBT* rights organization LGL would like to take an opportunity to kindly invite you to the International conference “Tackling Homophobic and Transphobic Bullying: Challenges and Effective Responses” which will take place in Vilnius on October 2, 2014. As such homophobic and transphobic bullying is a form of discrimination and exclusion. It has an impact

LBTQI summer festival SAPFO FEST in Lithuania

‘Sapfo Fest’ is an independent community-initiated festival in the Baltics dedicated to LBTQI community. A community-led festival, the ‘Sapfo Fest’ seeks to empower LBTQI people and combat prejudice and discrimination, as well as to increase the visibility of LBTQI individuals in Lithuania. Whereas the visibility of gay men in Lithuania has been growing steadily and

Global appeal for protecting freedom of expression for LGBT people

LGL is sharing an appeal for protecting freedom of expression for LGBT people and encourages you to express your support! You can sign this appeal by sending an email to . Speak Up and Speak Out: Protecting Freedom of Expression for LGBT People  On the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO-T), May 17, we call

Donate for legal battle to ensure LGBT freedom of expression in Lithuania

The Lithuanian Office of the Inspector of Journalist Ethics, an agency established under the supervision of the country’s Parliament, has ruled that the state-run Lithuanian Radio and Television (LRT) did not violate any laws when it decided to limit public broadcasting of two television ads promoting the Baltic Pride March for Equality in July, 2013. The Board of

Rainbow days 2007

During the week 16-26 of May the event called “Rainbow days 2007” will be held for the first time in Lithuania. The “Rainbow days 2007” are dedicated to highlight the importance of equality of homosexual, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons, this week is also a significant part of events held under the Year Of Equal