India: Delhi University will recognize transgender students from 2015

Delhi University says it will recognize transgender students for the first time next year.Transgender students at Delhi have traditionally been forced to register as either male or female, but will able to opt for a third gender option. A university official said the policy would be extended to undergraduate courses in the next academic year. The


Kenya: MP proposes “Stone to death the gays” bill

Kenya’s Republican Liberty Party wants to impose the death penalty for homosexuality and has put forward a bill that would see foreign gays and lesbians in the country stoned to death. The party’s draft Anti-Homosexuality Bill would also see gay and lesbian Kenyans jailed for life and stoned to death in public for ‘aggravated homosexuality’

Uganda flag

Uganda: Pride Parade held following invalidation of anti-LGBT law

The parade took place on a beach in Entebbe, and is the first public demonstration since the law was invalidated last Friday. Around two hundred people were expected to attend the pride event, and were waiting for police protection before they marched. Many wore masks, as they did not want to be identified. The country’s Constitutional Court struck


Russia: Pride rally held in St. Petersburg without violence

Russian news sources report that a peaceful Pride parade took place in St Petersburg on Sunday July 27, despite organisers being told to hold the event on a landfill site.The Moscow and St. Petersburg Times reported some two dozen LGBT activists rallied in the Field of Mars square on Sunday to celebrate gay pride. reports that


Concerns raised that Belarus may enact anti-gay law similar to Russia’s

The Equal Rights Trust (ERT) raised concerns last week about a draft law which is yet to be released. According to the organisation, work has begun on a bill intended to protect children from “propaganda of homosexuality”, and it was included in a presidential decree concerning the legislative agenda of parliament. Dimitrina Petrova, Executive Director of


Kenyan transgender rights group Transgender Education and Advocacy (TEA) have won a major court battle, with the country’s high court ruling that the government’s Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) coordination board must allow them to register. Justice George Odunga criticized the board for declining to recognize the group, saying that it had failed to carry out its

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Despite the Russian city of St Petersburg repealing its city-wide ban on so-called ‘propaganda of homosexuality to minors,’ officials are still working to frustrate the work of LGBTI activists in the city. Organizers had hoped to hold an LGBTI Pride rally this Saturday, however by Monday this week city officials had rejected every location for


US: Obama signs Executive Order banning anti-LGBT workplace discrimination

Barack Obama has signed on July 21 an Executive Order banning workplace discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity. The new order only applies to federal contractors, unlike the broader Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which remains stalled in the House of Representatives. However, it has been praised by some for its lack of a religious


Italy: Catholic school “fires teacher for refusing to deny being a lesbian”

The teacher, who gave the name Silvia, claimed that Sacro Cuore school near Trento let her go because she refused to confirm or deny rumours that she was a lesbian.  She told newspaper La Repubblica: “What happened to me is medieval. Maybe I’m a lesbian, maybe I’m not. But asking me about my sexual orientation as a


Croatia passes civil partnerships law

Croatia’s Parliament has passed a law allowing civil partnerships for same-sex couples. It means same-sex couples will now enjoy equal inheritance rights, social benefits and tax deductions. Their unions will be called ”life partnerships” protected by the Constitution. However, adoption rights for same-sex couples were not included in the bill. On Tuesday, the Parliament passed the civil union law


Belgium: first transgender parliamentarian appointed to Senate

Professor De Sutter comes from a medical background. She is head of the Reproductive Medicine Department of the University Hospital Ghent, as well as an associate professor of gynaecology at the University of Ghent. She ran in the recent elections to the European Parliament. She came second within the Belgian Groen (Green) party, with 47,000 votes,


Hungary: Far right Jobbik Party nationalists fail to ruin Budapest Pride

The 19th Budapest Pride Festival closed successfully this weekend with over 10,000 taking to the streets to march for LGBTI equality in Hungary on Saturday, July 12. However the event was loudly condemned by the far-right ultra-nationalist Jobbik party who also blasted foreign diplomats for showing their support for the event. Jobbik labelled the event a