Lietuvos gėjų lyga (LGL)

LGL’s Second Game Night Event

LGL’s second game night event was definitely as fun as our previous Valentine’s Day game night. The participants greatly enjoyed spending some quality time together. Even though the number of participants was significantly less compared to the previous event, it did not hinder us in having a blast. The most popular board games of the

LGL’s EVS Volunteer Arnold Took Part in His Mid-Term Training

My mid-term training took place in Trakai, 9-13 April. Our team consisted of two Lithuanian trainers and 12 EVS volunteers from Germany, Austria, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Spain, Portugal and Romania. The main aim of the workshops was to make us reflect on our past, present and future. This allowed us to take a more holistic

Coming Out event at the LGBTI+ Community Center

Coming out is an important step in queer people’s lives. The wish to live fully and proudly is often clouded by the fear of alienation or of putting our safety at risk. Moreover, the weight of hiding part of our identity is frequently wrapped around feelings of shame and self-doubt. It is important to find

LGBT+ Mental Health Workshop at LGL

Mental health is instrumental during every stage of life, from childhood, adolescence and through adulthood. It compasses our emotional, psychological and social well-being. The way of thinking, mood, behaviour and social interaction are some of the areas affected by Mental Health. For LGBTI+ individuals, being mentally and emotionally healthy can sometimes be a difficult mission.

Same-sex marriage was the topic for the second session of LGL’s Book Club

For the second book club session, the group discussed about same-sex marriage and its role in LGBT+ advocacy. To start the conversation, we discussed chapters taken from the book Against Equality: Queer Revolution, Not Mere Inclusion, edited by Ryan Conrad. Against Equality is an online archive of different writings that critique mainstream LGBT* politics. In

Volunteers Meeting and Movie Night at LGL

Tuesday, the sixth of March, the community centre housed yet another event. For the first part, there was a volunteer meeting meant to address future events and its logistics.  Kamila Gasinska, LGL’s volunteer coordinator, supervised the meeting and shared information about several events, which included – The National Equality and Diversity Awards; Rainbow Days; European

After a while of the Book Club being inactive, it has restarted this week with its first session of 2018. On Tuesday 27th February, we discussed a chapter about sexual identities, especially regarding asexuality. In another two and a half weeks, we will already meet for the second session. But what is the idea behind

Lithuanian Ministry of Health Enables Immediate Access to HIV Treatment

Health Minister Aurelius Veryga has signed an order for patients with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) to start treatment immediately after being diagnosed with it, as opposed to having to wait for the virus to progress. This treatment is expected to be covered by the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund (PDSF). Previously, patients who were HIV positive

Valentine’s Game Night at LGL

This Valentine’s day we got to be surrounded by some very friendly faces in our full-hearted decorated community center, and have a great time playing games. Uno, blitz, jenga and exploding kittens were only some of the popular options we got to choose from in this Valentine’s Game Night. A special thank you to everyone

LGL’s EVS Volunteers Took Part in On-Arrival Training

The on-arrival training provided by the National Agency for João and Arnold, our EVS volunteers, took place near Trakai. During this three-days training, nine volunteers from different projects got together in a secluded villa, 15 kilometres away from Trakai’s centre.  With an age range from 19 to 28, coming from Italy, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Romania