© Giordano Campanelli

© Giordano Campanelli

We offer full-time and part-time internships to students from various fields, for example social work, communications and law.

An internship at LGL will equip you with knowledge and skills related to working in a non-governmental organisation, LGBT rights advocacy, and community work.

If you are interested in doing an internship at LGL, please contact our Volunteers’ Coordinator at to find out more.

Our former interns:


Name, surname: Ingrida Kaulinytė

Internship period: September 2016 – January 2017

About the intern: I am a 22 years old human rights student at Lund University (Sweden). I am interested in all human rights issues but decided to dedicate my time and energy to LGBT rights. I have lived and studied in neighboring Baltic Sea state, Sweden, since I was 13 and therefore can fluently speak Swedish, English and Lithuanian. There is no universal anti-discrimination convention that would protect LGBT people, which is one of the reasons I wanted to work for LGBT organization. I want to contribute in any way I can in the achievement of UDHR goals of unity, freedom and equality. Since Lithuania is my home country, I deeply care for it. I want to help in creating a tolerant society and a truly free country where everyone will have a free will to choose and realize whom they want to be.



intern_valentinName, surname:
 Valentin Parnack

Internship period: June 2016 – August 2016

About the intern: I heard of LGL when I was looking for LGBT* friendly workspaces to do an Internship in. I am a student at a vocational college of design in Germany and I was offered to pass my Internship abroad. When I found out that the “Baltic Pride 2016” would take place in the same period, I became enthusiastic about working here. I have already been part of different pride marches back home and I am volunteering for a film project at a LGBT* youth center at my home town. I am mostly going to be responsible for some new shop designs, brochures and other smaller creative work at LGL. During my internship, I hope to learn more about LGBT*+ community and culture in Lithuania. And I wish to learn more about the structure of such organisations like LGL.



intern_robertaName, surname: Roberta Matusevičiūtė

Internship period: January 2016 – June 2016

About the intern: I am studying social policy at Vilnius University since 2012. Even though I am new in LGL, I have been interested in LGBT topics for a long time. I think that participation in association‘s activity will help me not only increase my knowledge about the human rights and reducing homophobia but will also let me contribute towards making various policies more favorable. Social policy, in my opinion, is inseparable from equality for all social groups that is why I am happy to be an intern in organisation which works for the sake of one of the most vulnerable social groups.






intern_fineName: Fine

About the intern:  I am studying culture management in my home town, people usually understand it as something  like  organizing cultural events. But actually it’s much more, my field will be internal and external communication in organization. It is the most important thing as well for an organization like LGL, as I had already chances to catch some Lithuanian culture in my voluntary year, two years ago. That time I decided to stay in a small village working for a regional park.

This time I want to do something in a field I am able to do, organizing and communicating.Managing events, getting to know other human rights organizations, building up partnerships, these are my plans here for upcoming months. But anyway there is always a chance to come back. That’s what I will do!